BELAZ 7571 dump truck (450 t.) Body lift

BELAZ 7571 dump truck (450 t.) Body lift

Mining dump trucks BelAZ 75710 - are intended for transportation of rock mass in loosened condition along technological roads in open-pit mining of mineral resources with different climatic conditions. Can be used in the construction of large industrial and hydraulic structures, in the construction of road-trunk complexes, as well as in the technological divisions of the enterprises of the processing industry.

Diesel engine MTU DD 16V4000 - 3430 (2x1715) kW., 4600 (2x2300) hp
Torque - 9313 Nm., At 1500 rpm.
Transmission - electromechanical, alternating current.
Reducer motor of wheels - planetary two-row
The maximum speed is 64 km / h.
Specific fuel consumption at rated power - 198 g / kW / h.
Tires - 59 / 80R63
Turning radius - 19.8 m.
Suspension - dependent for the front axle and drive axle - longitudinal levers with a central hinge.

Traction motor - 1TB3026 - 0GB03
Traction generator - YJ177A

Hydraulic brakes
Front wheels - dry double disc
Rear wheels - dry double disc
Parking brake - disc
Auxiliary brake - electrodynamic braking by traction motors with forced air-cooled brake resistors

Body volume - geometric 157.5 m³ and with a cap of 2: 1 - 269.5 m³
The mass of the dump truck without load is 360,000 kg.
The total mass of the dump truck is 810,000 kg.

PE "RODONIT 2008" - production, repair and sale of hydraulic cylinders for trucks and dump trucks, hydraulic cylinders for tractor trailers, hydraulic cylinders for combine harvesters, telescopic and piston hydraulic cylinders.

Hydraulic distributors, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps, turbo-compressors, NSH pumps, metering pumps, clutch baskets, clutch discs, starters, starting engines. Spare parts for agricultural machinery, special machinery, road-building equipment, cargo and loading equipment.

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