Bolting the backbone together - Acorn to Arabella

Bolting the backbone together - Acorn to Arabella

The backbone is bolted together! We finally have some timbers bolted together and what a great feeling. It has been a long journey up to this point, with a lot more to come, but we can finally start seeing some of Arabella's shape coming together.

We had to make our own fin head bolts which was quite the learning experience. This project is all about finding different ways around tough situations. We needed a good way to bolt the stem together with a bolt that had a low profile head. As buying them was a bit more expensive than we liked, we figured we could figure out how to make our own.

Now that the backbone in together, we are working on setting up the molds and the rib bands to be ready to steam in the frames. That day is coming right up. The weekend of September 22nd and 23rd. We will be working all day and invite you to come by and watch the frames go in. This won't be our typical open house with food but rather an opportunity to come and watch an interesting part of the build in person. Check out our website or facebook for more information.

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