Cat D9 with LeTouneau Pull Scraper

Cat D9 with LeTouneau Pull Scraper

Maybe we have enough tractor to heap that scraper.

I remember doing the rear tyres on one of the scrapers it like a giant wheelbarrow wheel on a spindle. It's held on with 2 clamps. We removed the wheel with help from a 3cx n when the driver tipped it up to take it apart it rolled of down the field we sat there pissing ourselves laffing oh happy days 

Brings back memories of my lumber yard days when it took an hour just to get the 2 cycle pony motor running good enough to start the old Cat motor in sub zero weather.  Good times!

Some great old machinery there. Looking at that old rear tyre, I'm guessing there is little or no pressure in it. Just the strength in the sidewall keeping it up.


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