Cologne Cathedral - Dismantling of the 2nd suspended scaffold - Cologn

Cologne Cathedral - Dismantling of the 2nd suspended scaffold - Cologne Cathedral Scaffolding - Part 1 crane assembly

In part 1 you can see the construction of the big Liebherr crane in sextuple speed, accompanied by music of "Goldman" Cologne. Title: "Les Fade" from the album: On The Outside (Looking In). Musicans: Stefan Krachten: drums & Dirk Herweg: keyboards/git.

Only the very best for the Cologne Cathedral...To remove a 33 meter high and 25 tonnes heavy suspended aluminum scaffold in three parts from the north tower, a brand-new and second largest mobile crane of the world from Liebherr is called into action -- the LTM 1750-9.1. The 750 tonnes (loading capacity) gigacrane was assembled on July 21, 2013 beginning on Sunday morning at 10a.m., with a little break, until Monday morning, July 22, 2013, at 5a.m. in perfect teamwork by the Wasel company from Cologne/Bergheim. For the supports of the crane, foundations had to be cast into the station's forecourt. Operating weight of the mobile crane: 108 tonnes -- complete ballast (counter weight) 204 tonnes. The biggest mobile crane worldwide -- the LTM 11200 -- also built by Liebherr.

The film was provided in sextuple speed. This way the absolutely confident procedure of the buildup becomes even more recognizable -- not a stroke of work too much -- not a single step back!! This naturally also applies to the scaffolding specialists of the cathedral workshop. They already developed the scaffold that has to be taken down by the crane (watch part 2 finale) in the 1990s -- it does not need dowels to be fixed in the rock. It is just suspended in the tower, therefore the name: hanging scaffold. The first scaffold was built in June 1996 and removed in 2006 by a crane of the Wasel company.
This operation here however outshines everything that has been acomplished so far in terms of hight. The crane could reach the finials of the cathedral at a hight of 157 meters -- extended and with a grit top it reaches 160 meters.

Eight hanging scaffolds in total are required to restore the two towers, including the figures. Every single scaffold is suspended in air for about eight years -- depending on the weather condition. A crane has to remove the scaffolds six more times. What is such a crane going to look like in about 60 years And what is the cathedral going to look like Hopefully in a top condition, when through its help the cathedral workshop can continue to work! You can find more information, also for "donations" on the homepage of the 1. Cologne Cathedral Workshop and the 2. Central Cathedral Construction Association. (in German: 1. "Dombauhütte" - Link: - and 2. "Zentral-Dombau-Verein zu Köln" 

Michael Weber born in Cologne - Camera-Editor-Producer
Blueline Studio Cologne

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