Ditched Kenworth Log Truck Recovery

Ditched Kenworth Log Truck Recovery

An old school Kenworth log truck is recovered from the ditch after it ran off the shoulder in a curve. The trailer's weight tipped the truck against the side of the hill and the truck was stuck good. Highway 270 West of Hot Springs, Arkansas was blocked for 35 to 40 minutes due to the recovery.


-Pretty small loads in the USA(max 40 tons)...Canada and Australia load 80 tons+ with four trailer axles...Not too smart to bend the frame like that...have to unload and reload anyway...why destroy the tractor and the trailer

-I would have brought in a self-loader and unloaded the truck right there put the tuck back on the road empty and reloaded it. would have been much easier on the truck and trailer. as it is one log is outside the bunks making it illegal and unsafe to some extent.

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