New England Rock Picking

New England Rock Picking

Not everything here is aquaponics and rocket mass heaters. The property is also used for traditional farming too. This year a mixture of timothy, red clover, and oats are being planted.


-Those are Connecticut potatoes. A new crop comes out of the soil every spring. It is nice to see a farmer making it easier on his equipment. Too many farmers just left the rocks that ended up damaging their equipment. When building my house, my place was so bad that I had to strip off the top 2 feet and screen off everything bigger than 3". I lost a third of my volume. Luckily I was able to get truck loads of mushroom compost until the plant closed. I was just doing a yard, the guys doing fields have huge jobs. Farming in CT was always tough. That is why much of it was abandoned in the early 1800s because people went west for much better land. Of the area farms that were working 40 years ago, there is only about 10% of them still working. I hope that the working farms can keep going. Good Luck

-Picking rocks by hand is very hard work but provides you a clean pile of stone you can use to make concrete (the small ones) or beautiful rustic walls (the big ones).

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