The Best CROSSWIND Landings and Take-Offs!

The Best CROSSWIND Landings and Take-Offs!

Incredible crosswind landings and take-offs! Crosswind landings in extreme weather conditions and during storms!

One of the best compilation of crosswind landings and takeoffs. Airplanes landing during bad weather and with strong wind. The most incredible airplanes in the world like the Airbus A380, the Boeing 747 and the Antonov An-225.
More videos to come with the best airports in the world, like New York, Tokyo, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Dubai, London, the most luxury locations for a vacation or a holiday and a Million Dollar cruise where you can just drink the best Champagne and wear Dolce&Gabbana or Versace, the most expensive flights in first class and business class.
A video you must watch to see the most incredible airports in the world, like the Princess Juliana Airport in Saint Martin, the Gustaf III Airport in the Saint Barthélemy island in the caribbean, Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport in the Saba island, Skiathos Airport in Greece, Lukla Airport in Nepal, Courchevel Airport in France, Toncontín Airport in Honduras, Hong Kong Kai Tak (now closed), Paro Airport in Bhutan and many others


Some videos have been used in accordance with CC license:
- Landing to London City Airport during Storm:
- "Jet coming in St. Maarten Maho Beach very low pass SXM crazy beach Boeing 737" and "Incredibile atterraggio - landing very low pass - St. Maarten, Maho beach" and "St. Maarten SXM Maho Beach MD-80 Take Off JET BLAST Very Dangerous" and "EXTREME Take off Jet blast - St. Maarten, Maho Beach - Air France Airbus 340":
- Madeira Airport videos:
- Leipzig/Halle Airport videos:
- St. Barts landing (cockpit view):

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