Top 20 of the coolest technology in the world

Top 20 of the coolest technology in the world

The coolest boats, ships, cars and a lot of incredible technology presented in this video!

Every year around one hundred million of the most diverse vehicles are produced in the world. Sports cars, boats, bicycles - this is by no means a complete list of conveyor vehicles. However, among them there are absolutely amazing units. With you channel MAX TV and today you will learn about the coolest technology in the world!

Mars Rover Vehicle - the first full-fledged car for tourist trips on the surface of Mars!

In 2018, the world's best SUV, the SHERP ATV, came off the automobile assembly line.

Prelude FLNG
More than 450 meters in length reaches the vessel Prelude FLNG, proudly bearing the title of the largest marine apparatus on the planet.

Symphony of the seas
The 20th century was the century of technical progress in navigation.

The American company for the production of vehicles decided to realize the dream of all fans and create a compact car with pedals!

It seems that a full flying taxi is a distant future EHANG 184 AAV - the first such unit with the function of GPS passenger delivery by air.

CAT 994K
With its impressive size, the CAT 994K multifunctional heavy loader has proven to be an excellent tool for the most labor-intensive work.

Sweeper cassette
Excavator Sweeper Cassette is not the first year used to clean the streets of major cities.

Heavylift transporter
Transportation of a huge massive cargo over long distances is very expensive and unsafe. Therefore, it was for such cases that the Heavylift transporter was invented - a unique transport for transportation.

The world's first working prototype of a vacuum train - Hyperloop, was introduced relatively recently.

The vehicle created by the Russian businessman with the simple name Kangaroo has in its arsenal not only an exotic look, but an unknown aero-pneumatic suspension as well.

BLG 60
The huge armored bridge-laying vehicle, which is in service with many European powers, with its appearance can shock a person who does not know about his mission.

The real Russian military knight is not afraid of dirt or water. This all-terrain vehicle, consisting of two articulated units, still serves in the troops of the Russian Federation.

The hybrid of a powerful motorcycle and tractor - TRICICLO BODY, was first presented to the public in 2017.

The world-famous BMW company recently released a motorcycle of the future with the ALPHA prefix in the title.

Morgan EV
Morgan EV is a three-wheeled racing car made in the best traditions of James Bond films.

FireForce 3 Jet Car
There is no faster car in the world in the world than the third generation of FireForce Jet Car.

Plymouth gtx
The engine protruding from the hood, puffs of smoke flying out from under the wheels - all this designer Plymouth GTX, assembled by one of the American auto craftsmen.

Without rear doors and luggage compartment, three meters in length, and no - this is not a joke, but a real compact electric car that is very popular in South American countries.

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