Turks have surpassed - Construction of the largest airport in the worl

Turks have surpassed - Construction of the largest airport in the world

Turkey is building the largest airport in the world

The new, third airport of Istanbul will become the largest in the world and will be able to serve 90 million passengers a year at the first stage, which is even more than the new airport in Beijing (86 million)

The airport is being built near the intersection of roads from the provinces of Arnavutkoy and Chataldzha in the north of the European part of Istanbul at the lake Terkos. The construction site covers an area of ​​7.659 hectares, about 6.172 hectares of which are forests of state ownership.

The distance between the new airport under construction and Ataturk Airport is approximately 35 kilometers in a straight line. On the construction site there are old open coal mines, which will then be covered with earth. The future airport will be connected by several lines of the Istanbul Metro to the city center by 2018: one to the Gayretepe station on the M2 line, the other to the Halkali station of the Marmaray railway line.

According to a study by the Ministry of Agriculture of Turkey on the environmental impact of the airport project, out of 2,513,341 trees growing on the construction site, 657,950 will need to be cut down, while the remaining trees will be replanted to new locations.

The total area of ​​the airport will be 80 million square meters. 225 thousand people will work at the airport. The passenger terminal, which will be launched at the end of 2018, will be the largest building of this type in the world. It will accommodate: 13 islands of registration with 468 counters, 114 self-check-in kiosks, 51 kiosks for self-check-in baggage, 228 passport control points, 77 departures, a Duty Free zone with an area of ​​55 thousand square meters. meters, the luggage system with a length of 42 km, capable of handling 28.9 thousand pieces of luggage per hour.

Further stages include the construction of two more terminals and three runways, which will increase the throughput of the new air gates of Istanbul to 200 million passengers a year. The harbor will be able to simultaneously take 114 aircraft.

The new airport is 35 km from the city and will be connected to Istanbul by metro line. The decision to build a new airport and close Ataturk Airport was due to the congestion of the latter and the impossibility of its further expansion.


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