Volvo BM 470 Bison med 38,8-liters V12

Volvo BM 470 Bison med 38,8-liters V12

Bertil is not like others. He has stopped in a 1,000-horse tanks V12 in a Volvo BM Bison ...
(And the one who should be a smart-ass and say that it is a BM 55 ... I know that the radiator mask comes from such a.)


-Poor thing doesn't like running at idle. It needs to clear its throat! Put on your adult Pampers, some concrete blocks on the front end and just let it breeeathe.... :-)

-Diesel was make in 1936 for aviations (heavy bomber). But 500hp was not enougt for flying. Engine goes to T-34, KV-1 with different power. Use in this days for T-90, marines and trucks. Power from 300 to 1300hp and multi fuel. Time machine.

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